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Brand-it interactive screen stations are perfect for any event, such as conferences, concerts, or networking events.

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Interactivity and greater visibility for advertisers

Our interactive screens can have a special custom-made menu for your event where attendees can get information about the event, the agenda, the speakers, and more. Also, it emphasizes the option to meet advertisers.

Viral Event

Attendees will be more willing to share every moment of the event through photos and videos on their social media networks. The attendees will find it very interesting to be able to take photos on Brand-it digital screen and upload them to their social media networks with a single click, a part of having their cell phones’ chargers.

Captura Valuable information

It has the option to offer promotions and/or coupons that allow the capture of the attendees’ contact information. As tailor-made projects, we can do market research interacting with people.

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