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Get better at Email Marketing in 2017

Last update on Jan. 31, 2017.

Get better at Email Marketing in 2017

Nowadays, there are businessmen who are reluctant or skeptical to the possible impact of a good strategy in email marketing. So yeah, in several articles we have discussed the importance of email marketing and how by using this tool in the smart way you can sell a product or service effectively.

The thing is that due to the lack of information, it is believed that only through social networks you are going to promote your company successfully, when it's actually the opposite. We understand that social media is one of the most known marketing strategies in these times because it is good for companies that are just starting. The most ironic thing is that, email marketing is more effective than social media marketing and by far.

That's why, in this article we will teach you how to improve your email marketing, so joined with the other digital strategy, you can optimize quickly the way you have been promoting yourself.

Create an incentive: First of all, you must offer an interesting content that push people to keep following your pieces. A good idea is to create an incentive along with that content plan. It could be a gift, such as newsletter, an article that helps them solve the problems you notice your consumers are having or a free eBook. This always works to keep your contacts on your list and that they are motivated to open your emails.

Clear your list: Dismiss anyone who did not open your emails in the last 6 months. Don't wait for them to label you as SPAM, that's not what we are looking for. If you have been collecting several emails for quite some time, you should ask for confirmation. How? Basically, ask your subscribers if they are still interested in being part of the list you use to send information they are interested. The good thing of asking a question is that you about being labeled as a Spammer once you start sending emails. So, cleanse your list!

Creative Welcome Message: This is the first impression will get from you. You won't have a second chance, which is why we suggest that the Welcome message is well written and that it has catchy art. Don't let them down by sending a generic Welcome message that they could get in a card at a store. Write something that will dazzle them or, send a funny or entertaining video to get their attention for the first time.

Design a template with a corporate identity: Keeping that same template in every sent email shows seriousness and consistency with the transmitted message. Make it short and sweet. Templates save you time and strengthen the visual brand.

Learn to use Autoresponders: Knowing how to use autoresponders is something really important and practical when doing email marketing. It allows you to send a series of emails based on trigger event. It could be a purchase, visiting a specific website or joining a list. You can also use this to create electronic courses, sell or simply adding tracking information of the purchase. This tool has a lot of potential and it can be used to monetized your business.

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