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5 Facebook Posts That Will Create Interaction with Your Fan Page

Last update on Jan. 25, 2017.

5 Facebook Posts That Will Create Interaction with Your Fan Page

Facebook is the only platform that allows us to run different advertising strategies thanks to its service of Facebook Ads. Paid advertising is very effective to get clients and also to get faithful followers of the Fan Page of your company. Nevertheless, we consider that relying only on paid advertising is not the only option.

If you don't want to invest in paid advertising, we suggest you follow these 5 tips shown in this article in order to get bigger interaction from your target and eventually get more engagement.

Urge your fans to post a picture with your product

 This is a great idea for you are indirectly asking the people who bought or used your product or service to advertise. Try focusing on specific products or of season.

Use Game Marketing

You can suggest a 'Caption Contest' in which you tell your followers to write the best caption of a picture that they took with your product. Make it fun and entertaining. Encourage them by telling them that the most creative one will have a % off in their next purchase or any digital gift.

Did you know?

Did you know that by reading this article you will have a greater advantage to those people who create unsuccessful strategies on Facebook due to a lack of information? Exactly! Content of value and fun and interesting facts are the perfect combination. Get your users to have fun while learning with good posts and quality content in your own Facebook page.

Fill in what's missing

Create interactive and creative posts, encouraging your users to fill in what's missing (fill in the blank game) to get a larger audience, more interaction and as a result, more engagement.

Make questions

Who? What? When? Where? Why?

Make them see that your main interest is to fulfill the needs of your users and possible clients. That if something is bothering them, they can say it, that they can share their opinions freely in relation to your company or brand. This gives you a huge advantage. This will allow you to optimize the content and your product in order to fulfill the needs of your target.

We hope that these 5 ideas of posts have been helpful. If it was, don't forget to share it and leave your comment down below!

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