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Web Design Predictions for 2017

Last update on Dec. 19, 2016.

Web Design Predictions for 2017

In the ever-changing and incredible world of web industry, tendencies or trends do not last for long. New and diverse concepts, techniques and tools are being developed constantly. Creative minds always work hard to be able to improve, innovate and create new styles of websites in order to optimize this industry in the best possible way.

Obviously, in a year a lot can happen, technology is advancing very fast and it is clear that for 2017 there are good things coming, and we suggest that if you are starting off with your new company o you already have one and you do not have an updated website you consider these awesome predictions given by experts about the future of web design.


Designers are giving users unique experiences throughout storytelling. Storytelling in a website can be a very complex effort, but it is not impossible, in fact, it is more effective than it seems. An excellent example of this kind of web design is Peugeot's Hybrid Graphic novel. The site foes the beautiful job of entertaining users with a graphic and interactive novel with the capacity of movement that will allow them to learn about the Peugeot HYbrid4 technology.

We recommend you visit this site if you haven't done it, so you can see the way in which you can develop a storytelling in a website. It is wonderful to move around it and it works as a great source of inspiration for the interactive storytelling in the web making learning or the promotion of services and products fun and entertaining.

Almost-Flat Design

After Windows launched its Metro style, the world of design got floated with flat design. However, this flat design arrived with some traps and it has slowly turned into an almost-flat design to correct some problems of usability.

Designers are in charge of integrating deepness and dimension to the design by using subtle shades, cards and well-thought transitions; this almost-flat design has turned into an excellent alternative along with minimalist style, due to its ease of use. The almost-flat design seems to relieve some problems caused by flat design and we are expecting to see much more of this in 2017.

Slow or Lazy Loading

Slow loading is a commonly used design pattern in programming to vary from the initialization of an object until is actually needed. This pattern is used in sites with content feeding like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and it can help the efficiency in the functioning of the program if used correctly.

This method helps the immediate visualization of content without having to wait for the whole page to load. In a society where information is constantly being fed in our lives, lazy loading helps simplify the vision of such content in pieces. The loading speed being so important for the rates of conversion  of SEO and of website, it is expected to have a more generalized use of lazy loading in 2017.

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