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Don't Underestimate the Importance of Community Manager

Last update on Dec. 20, 2016.

Don't Underestimate the Importance of Community Manager

The topic of 'the duties of a Community Manager' has been put into a debate these days; between the ones attacking and trash talking this complex job, and the ones who know what it is all about and know really its functions. Clearly, it is not a simple job as many people think, thereby, some businessmen are not aware of the importance of having a community manager to run the online presence of the company correctly.

That is why we created this article thinking on those characteristics and duties performed daily by a community manager, in order to satisfy properly the needs of its clients and show you the functions they must fulfill so before you start judging, you know exactly why you should never underestimate the job they do.

1. It's not a Role, It's a Point of View.

In general, community managers value transparency, look for feedback in each of the posts they create. The CM provides, supports and share the idea of other important accounts to accomplish advertising interchanges and organic followers that can be possible clients in the future.

2. It's very Creative

The best way to run any social network account is being creative and innovative when it comes to the created and visual part of the content. A Community manager who is not creative and is not in a good mood is not efficient.

3. It Involves the Community

His duty is not only interacting and answering comments. He also interacts with them, let them communicate, which is a benefit for the company.

4. Runs different Marketing Strategies

He does not only posts randomly in the right social networks to promote the online image of the company, but also writes innovative and optimized articles in blogs. He looks for the way to promote the company using paid advertising tools like the ones on Facebook or Instagram, and to accomplish the aforementioned, this person must be very thorough and organized.

As you can see, nowadays the job of a community manager is very underestimated, when it really is a very important part and we dare to say that they are essential to any organization that want to grow successfully.

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