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3 Trends in Brand-it Media Digital out of Home

Last update on Dec. 14, 2016.

3 Trends in Brand-it Media Digital out of Home

We are generally very active during our days and we are 'on-the-go' almost all the time. We go from place to place and we spend a moderate amount of time in them. In Digital Out of Home advertising is just a practical and simple way to get a lot of people in the least time possible. Based on studies, the average global consumer is exposed to several digital media out of home during 14 minutes per week, therefore, the investments in the space are expected to grow over 14.2% every year between 2011-2017.

A great example of this clever strategy of marketing can be clearly observed in New York City, in which the famous Time Square is full of LED screens and TV's with promotions and information of companies and famous stores. The powers of digital, mobile superposition indoors and out of content from the house seem to be increasing.

Clearly, Digital Out of Home or DOOH covers up a variety of screens, sizes and levels of interaction. From digital billboards and signs in taxis, to digital sings in airport doors and gyms and waiting rooms. This wide range and advertising ideas set a necessary connection between the context and the content in order to get a memorable experience in the consumer (a key aspect of every advertising campaign).

This is why we invite you not to fall behind and to always keep on with new tendencies that today and throughout 2017 may help your business. Now we will show you the 3 tendencies of the Digital Out Of Home Advertising that work perfectly.

1. The opportunity for segmentation are great

The more advanced and modern mobiles become, the more common and bigger is the spread of eye-catching and modern digital screens at home and outdoors. The interaction with consumers has become more prominent throughout these new mobile technologies as NFC and more accurate GPS. These technologies can allow a seller to customize the consumer's experience and even allow them to have an immediate interaction.

2. The DOOH gives us relevant messages in places that matter

As mentioned before, the chances of specific segmentation with this tool are simpler than you think, so it also gives us the opportunity to provide information, services from the company and anything else that is relevant to the right place and moment.

The amount of time you spend out and in traffic is increasing in many regions. Therefore, the responsiveness of the consumer to new concepts outside the house can be very shocking. In fact, a recent study done by YuMe and IPG Media Lab points out that consumers are 41% more receptive to advertising in public places than at home and 16% more receptive at school or work than the house. As a consumer, the device you have with you creates a natural bond with its visual experience in the outside, and relevant messages of DOOH improve the value through the existing screens in popular places.

3. Digital Out Of Home provides a unique canvas for creativity

From ads for street furniture and movies to augmented reality and live experiences in screens and outdoor vehicles, the ability to create awareness and get impressive results is easier with the DOOH strategy. Whether it is a greater effort of mixed media or a campaign with local emphasis, this method offers opportunities to reach a unique audience creating an endless set of opportunities and with the option of letting creativity fly, in both content and messaging. DOOH has an enormous potential to boos the PyMES because its impact is immediate, it brings consumers close to the point of purchase.

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