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Daily Duties of a Community Manager

Last update on Dec. 12, 2016.

Daily Duties of a Community Manager

A prepared Community Manager has the obligation to do different tasks that are set in the weekly planning. We, Community Managers, know how complicated having to do so many things at the same time on a daily routing can be, and how incredibly easy it is to forget some details.

However, in this article we make some sort of useful checklist so you can have an idea of the duties that must be done carefully and what must be done daily in order to get the social media marketing strategy running in the right way.

Let's start with the company 'blog', which let's say is the core because the content offered in it is key to get potential clients.

A good Community Manager must:

-Write two or three weekly posts

-Post them on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

-Never forget the use of keywords in the titles of your posts and content.

Let's go to Twitter:        

-The ideal would be to send at least 3 new tweets daily related to the field or the company.

-Retweet at least two interesting tweets from others, daily

-This person must make sure to follow at least 10 new users, related to the field, every week.

-Thank for every mention or a retweet.

Now, on Facebook you must:

-Find at least 5 interesting new pages related to your brand and click on the 'Like' button.

-Make 1 or 2 daily posts related to your market.

-Keep your audience interested and implement entertaining strategies that are related to your market.

And to finish, Instagram:

-Follow in a strategic way accounts related to the field of the organization you are running.

-ALWAYS post high-quality pictures.

-Use Hashtags wisely with the help of pages such as 'websta.me'.

-Once in a while, report or regram accounts of interest.

What do think about the list? Can it be useful? Don't forget to comment down below if you think we missed something.

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