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Charm your client with a good web design

Last update on Nov. 16, 2016.

Charm your client with a good web design

A brand with no online presence in the digital world "is nonexistent", because it is the way it is done now, and migrating your physical business into the digital world is a key aspect taking into account that a high percentage of goods and assets are done through this "parallel Universe", but the thing is not just to have a website, it goes beyond that, it is creating a website that catches the visitors' attention and make them fall in love with it (literally).

Making that connection with your visitors is not as complicated as you would think, this for trends will give you the answer; although the responsive and flat design is the base for everything, 2016 has been a year full of innovation and curiosities that you can combine with different techniques to make it great. 

1. Minimalist Design. This design, which has kept people talking, is the "simplest" thing you can find, due to the fact that it is based on the idea of the German Mies Van Der Rohe "less is more". This generation has been the one in charge of changing the world as we know it, and even though there are people who label them as "lazy", others support them and call them "practical", because they only want to get the same complete information in outlined in an image or a very short text.

This is characterized by the 'economy' of the spoken language, the reduction of the content, a summary, simple concreteness and functionality. The combination with the flat design is the most common one and its results are generally optimal.

 2. Animation. It's not enough to inform your visitors, nowadays it is as import as entertaining them, and t is that the UX (user's experience) is what will make your visitors enjoy your site, so they will go back to it and recommend it. Some kinds of animations are:

-Load animation; certainly one of the most stressing moments when surfing the net is having to wait some time to get access to the website, and it is there when we get the most bouncing, which is the reason why getting people's attention from the very beginning will give you an advantage.

-Scrolling animation; when it comes to 'flipping' pages the so well known 'scrolling animation' is a very used animation method, because changing to another page or going up or down can be very exhausting and sometimes people skip items that you probably wanted them to look at, so this animation can be used really well to favor you.

-Hover animation. This is the one displayed when we scroll the cursor to any area of the screen and though it can be very entertaining, you must be very careful on how you design it, you don't people to think that they are in a website that's not serious; for the little ones at home works really well though.

3. Illustrated Graphic Arts. This technique has revolutionized our "vision" of what's real, and it is that we clearly prefer illustrations, especially when it comes to telling a story o tutorials; this technique has pushed away almost completely photography and it may come to that in a short time.

4. Infographics. Other very used resources by graphic designers are infographics, creative fonts, color contrasts, abstract art, retro and futuristic techniques. They are resources that must be proposed before being implemented, because not all of them can adapt to your context. 

Web design is not a random thing, it is a digital art that has been previously studied and carefully implemented, which is why we suggest you get the best consultancy for the progress of your business. 

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