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5 reasons why your company needs a community manager

Last update on Nov. 14, 2016.

5 reasons why your company needs a community manager

Due to the long experience that we have in marketing and advertising, we have confirmed the importance of having a presence in social networks. If you didn't notice before, social networks are here for long, and that's why so many companies and Startups must move into them.

That's why we always recommend that every company has a professional in the area with the right knowledge of the social media strategy. The person that does the job is the so call Community Manager. This person is in charge of interacting with the communities and creating a perfect social media strategy for the needs of those communities. They will work side by side to you to create good content and reach the goals of the organization.

In this article, we will teach you 5 reasons why your company needs a community manager.

1. Image is everything!

If someone knows your brand or product, they will try to get to it by typing the name of your company in Google to surf the web. Then, he will look for the links to social networks. That's the reality.

That's why the good image in social networks is more important than what you think. Remember that social networks are the image of the company and what you offer. The community manager will be able to merge this and send the right message to your target audience. Don't forget to check your community manager's experience and make sure that he or she is a qualified person.

2. Interaction with the community

Being the owner of the company, it is almost impossible to control everything that happens around you, especially when it comes to the digital world. The community manager will commit to a very important task, which is answering and dealing with any complain or doubt through social networks, due to the fact that this will make your clients trust your brand and get them to be 100% satisfied with the service.

3. Content and more content

This person will be in charge of creating content that is interesting, creative and of value in his social media strategy. He will do this with the purpose of getting more followers in the long run, besides, keeping the current ones satisfied. This is very positive and important to any company for it will not only promote your services in an effective way, but it will also be updating and sharing to the world the tendencies and new affairs that take place daily in relation to your company's area of expertise.

4. Finding your audience

This is a key aspect for any successful social media strategy. There's no point on sharing relevant information to an audience that is not the one you are aiming at, but at the same time, it is necessary to get the niche of the market that you must reach; this is the one that will truly read and will want to use your product or service.

If you are a large and famous company, it will be simpler, but if you are just starting or introducing yourself to the market, getting your target audience won't be an easy task; however, community managers know how to do it in an effective way.

5. The importance of Netiquette

Same as in the real world, there are certain protocols and etiquettes to follow in the Internet. Your ally for this is the community manager for he will know how to solve the problems inside these social networks, deal with negative comments, doubts or complains. These small problems are more common than you think. Crisis management is vital for any organization; this is the reason why you have to make sure the person you hire is no stranger to this terminology. If he is a professional, he will know how to solve in a polite and smart way any crisis that takes place in your social networks

Remember that the community manager will always be your best ally to reach a larger number of people and promote your company in an effective and efficient way.

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