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Archives Nov. 14, 2016

Charm your client with a good web design

Last update on Nov. 16, 2016.

Charm your client with a good web design

A brand with no online presence in the digital world "is nonexistent", because it is the way it is done now, and migrating your physical business into the digital world is a key aspect taking into account that a high percentage of goods and assets are done through this "parallel Universe", but the thing is ...

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Is it worthy to pay for Indoor TV advertising?

Last update on Nov. 15, 2016.

Is it worthy to pay for Indoor TV advertising?

Nowadays, marketing and advertising are everything, because the person who does not advertise his product or service won't be able to sell it optimally, and even though conventional marketing has been left out a little bit due to the rapid and unstoppable increase of social media and the digital marketing, you can still take ...

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5 reasons why your company needs a community manager

Last update on Nov. 14, 2016.

5 reasons why your company needs a community manager

Due to the long experience that we have in marketing and advertising, we have confirmed the importance of having a presence in social networks. If you didn't notice before, social networks are here for long, and that's why so many companies and Startups must move into them.

That's why we always recommend ...

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