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Brand-it-media has designed a Dynamic Digital Out-of-Home Network with the capacity to display 15, 20 or 30 seconds marketing spots about products and services.


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  • Appealing and Personalized designs.
  • We never use templates.
  • Mobile Friendly

Starting at $650

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What our customers have to say?

Banda Gastrica Virtual LLC

Banda Gastrica Virtual LLC

Cargo: Granya Gonzalez

¨It is my pleasure to state that we have used the services of Brand-it Media for more than 3 years in the greater Miami area, and we feel very satisfied with their services. They have shown to be a company that is efficient, courteous and punctual in all aspects of their work. I fully recommend them to anyone requiring their services.¨

Catalan Cosmetic

Catalan Cosmetic

Cargo: Maria Julia Catalan

Saludos amigos, mi nombre es Maria Julia Catalan. Es un placer poder compartir con ustedes como a través de Brand - It Media mi compañía CATALAN COSMETIC, INC ha podido crecer en nuestro mercado el nombre de un producto. Desde el 2013 la línea de productos FOLICEL-MD para detener la caída excesiva del cabello, comienza hacer familiar para muchos consumidores en nuestras ciudades a través de las pantallas BRAND -IT MEDIA. No dejen pasar la oportunidad de crecer y mostrarles a nuestros consumidores la calidad de nuestros servicios y productos. Mercancía Que No Se Exhibe No Se Vende.

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